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San Francisco, CA
Enterprise Onboarding Manager
  • Train developers and business owners to use platform while identifying potential complications in their site’s launch.
  • Create individualized transition strategies and establish scopes of work
  • Simultaneously coordinate multiple enterprise migrations, including third-party integrations with CDNs, SMTP, stunnels, etc.
  • Manage and update numerous object records in Salesforce
  • Generate and run Python-based Locust load testing utilizing AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Develop and organize materials for end-user training sessions
  • Collect stakeholder feature requests and coordinate with Product Team
Senior Customer Success Engineer
  • Issue escalation and troubleshooting alongside Engineering team, utilizing Jira
  • Responded to escalated tickets, chats, and off-hour PagerDuty issues
  • Prepared and presented training to CSE team members on process changes, including managing curriculum in Asana
  • Ensured successful launch of Support Chat with over 500 chat sessions per week, by setting expectations, establishing and documenting standard internal processes
  • Managed continued development of Support Chat, product planning for platform Dashboard and Billing systems
Customer Success Engineer
  • Managed queues related to platform and billing issues in Salesforce Desk
  • Worked directly with both enterprise and non-enterprise clients on the Pantheon platform, PagerDuty coverage for escalated off-hour issues
  • Assisted users with CloudFlare, CloudFront, and Fastly CDN configurations
  • Resolved platform and application issues in Drupal and WordPress on Fedora, Nginx, PHP-FPM, and MariaDB
Independent Contractor
Ithaca, NY
Developer and Project Manager
  • Build systems that support clients’ current and future goals through proper planning, decision making, designing, and implementation
  • Site Development – Drupal, WordPress, PHP, SVN, Git, HTML, CSS/SCSS, MySQL
  • Utilize MS Project, Trello, Jira, Kanbanery to gather requirements and project documentation
  • Plan projects utilizing waterfall, phased, or agile; coordinate workflows; create wireframes and mockups; coordinate teams
Ithaca, NY
Drupal Developer / Team Lead
  • Drupal 7 site development, including site architecture, module development, and deployment workflows
  • Managed multiple complex multi-phase projects utilizing Pivotal Tracker and Asana for project documents and diagrams, resource planning, and client communications, including documentation and review of deliverables
  • Determined best workflows to ensure synchronized development and maintain project integrity
  • Git workflow management including code reviews, pull requests, and merge conflict resolution
Ithaca, NY
Product Manager / Site Architect
  • Introduced and trained teams on agile methodologies – Kanban and Scrum
  • Streamlined product and internal systems management, including time and resource management, project scheduling, budgeting, client interaction
  • Implemented and configured Jira/Agile/Tempo for project lifecycle
  • Created testing and deployment workflows
  • Maximized user-experience driven development for both end-user and maintainers
  • Developed and maintained CMS site architecture, meeting the unique needs of nonprofits, foundations, and higher education institutes
Brooklyn, NY
Project Director
  • Managed product team interactions and scheduling as Scrum Master, enabling teams to remain on schedule for deliveries and budget
  • Ensured clear stakeholder communications within various industries, including media/publishing and insurance, to define and manage projects
  • Managed client interactions from scheduling and conflict management to scope-setting
  • Implemented and configured Jira and ZoHo Project to collect requirements and dependencies, while managing sprints, issues, and conflicts
  • Oversaw site development from information architecture to specification and requirement development
Boston, MA
Master of Science in Computer Information Systems

Coursework includes:
CS520 – Information Structures with Java
CS546 – Quantitative Methods for Information Systems
CS601 – Web Application Development
CS625 – Business Data Communication and Networks
CS632 – Information Technology Project Management
CS634 – Agile Software Development
CS682 – Information Systems Analysis and Design
CS669 – Database Design and Implementation for Business
CS782 – IT Strategy and Management
CS783 – Enterprise Architecture

Indiana University - Bloomington
Bloomington, Indiana
Bachelor of General Studies

Humanities with emphasis in Education – Minor: Philosophy

Awards and Memberships
Project Management Institute member
Customer Success MVP
Top Performing Customer Success Engineer
Top Performing Customer Success Engineer

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